what we do


+ Evaluate & Appraise

We evaluate and appraise community pharmacies throughout the country for a number of different reasons (tax matters, legal matters, potential for sale) based on current and past performance, key financial indicators and comparable sales of similar businesses.

+ Review Comparable Transactions

We have a large database of independent pharmacy transactions by virtue of the scope of our national activities in the arena of evaluating, buying and selling pharmacies. With more than five hundred pharmacies sold by our company, we have the most extensive database/history of pharmacy transactions available anywhere.

+ Targeted Marketing

We market a pharmacy to our large national database of registered and prequalified buyers, which currently numbers over 4,000 people and companies, expands monthly by virtue of active website registrations.

+ Your Trusted Liaison

We manage the process of connecting buyers and sellers to find the best possible match for their individual expectations.

+ Strategic Market Analysis

We provide buyers with financial and marketplace analyses to assist them in the decision making process.

+ Financial Modeling

We utilize sophisticated financial modeling to clearly identify past trends and the potential for future profitability.

+ Negoitating Tools

We assist in all negotiations, acting as the focal point to address concerns of buyers and sellers alike.

+ Manage the Process

We facilitate contact with the required professionals, attorneys and accountants in particular, and the many regulatory agencies which are part of the Buy-Sell process. Learn more about our professional affiliations here.

+ Confidentiality

We strive to maintain the utmost confidentiality throughout the process, to protect buyers and sellers. This is absolutely critical during the transition of ownership process. Allowing suppliers, competitors, prescribers, staff members or personnel to know about a proposed transaction will diminish the value of the business, in some cases substantially.



+ Pharmacy Evaluation

An evaluation of your retail pharmacy. Conducted via a review of financial statements, tax returns, Rx department printouts, lease or proposed occupancy costs and a telephone interview with the owner. This process results in the delivery of an opinion letter as to the value of the pharmacy based on the aforementioned review and our recent experiences in the marketplace. Suitable for determining current market value when contemplating development of an exit strategy.

+ Pharmacy Appraisal

Includes all aspects of the evaluation plus an on-site visit to the pharmacy. This encompasses a review of the physical premises and local competitors in the marketplace as well as an in-depth interview with the owner. This process results in the production of a fully documented appraisal which can be used for partnership and stockholder agreement valuations, IRS queries as to pharmacy valuation for a variety of tax and estate reasons, exit and estate planning activities and any legal disputes where the value of the pharmacy is a component of the dispute.

+ Pharmacy Brokerage

One or more of the principals of Buy-Sell represents an owner in the sale of his or her pharmacy. We evaluate the business, agree with the owner on the asking price/market value and the marketing strategy, then proceed to actively market the pharmacy. We advertise the business in a confidential manner, list it on our website, prepare the necessary documents (profiles and spreadsheets) that will enable us to market it effectively, seek out potential buyers. When a buyer is identified, we participate in the introductions and the negotiation process, work with the required professionals to help both sides structure a workable and effective transaction, help drive the deal to a satisfactory closing. Cost = A success fee which is expressed as a percentage of the total transaction price based upon the size and complexity of the deal. Any fees which may have been incurred for an evaluation or an appraisal of the pharmacy being sold within two years prior to a sale are credited against this success fee.

+ Representation

Many times, buyers or sellers have already identified a potential transaction with one another, possible entered into some negotiations but feel the need for a qualified professional to represent them in this process. We can/will represent either side in a potential sale, assisting with all negotiations until a price is agreed by both parties and, if requested, in all other aspects described as part of the brokering process. Cost = a fee to be negotiated between us and the party or parties who retail us, based upon the time, effort and complexity of the proposed transaction and any other variables we might collectively identify.

Often a buyer has targeted a specific geographic area (or even a specific pharmacy) that he/or she wishes to purchase or commence to do business in. We can conduct a search within a specific area for a pharmacy for sale, representing the buyer, and/or approach a specific pharmacy that a buyer might wish to purchase but does not want to approach the owner directly. Cost = a success fee, usually expressed as an agreed-upon percentage of the transaction, to be negotiated between the prospective buyer and us.