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More than 500 Pharmacies sold Throughout the Country


  • An 18 year track record of successful pharmacy ownership transition activities

  • A database of more than 4,000 active, qualified, registered buyers that continues to grow

  • More than 500 pharmacies sold throughout the country – true national coverage


Our team consists of six experienced pharmacists and industry professionals with over 200 years of collective experience in buying, selling, owning and managing independent community pharmacies. Our large data base of completed transactions (500 of them) in forty states, every region of the country, enables us to provide current, real world information regarding the valuation and marketing of an independent pharmacy.  We have the most extensive, unrivaled database and history of pharmacy transactions available in the United States which serves both buyers and sellers in the activity of ownership transition.

“Owning a store in a remote, rural area gave me great concern about the ability to find a buyer, despite the fact that my business was successful and quite lucrative. I was pleasantly surprised when Buy-Sell produced a young pharmacist who, along with his spouse and family, was happy to relocate to our area and purchase the store for a fair price.”
— E.G. - Kentucky
”I needed to make an all cash deal to sell my store successfully, pay off my debts and have a reasonable amount of the proceeds remaining to invest. Buy-Sell not only found the buyer for me but arranged for the financing, enabling me to cash out and move on with my life.”
— K.O - New Jersey